Think Outside the Band: Unique Entertainment for Corporate Events

Think Outside the Band: Unique Entertainment for Corporate Events

Strike up the band? Well, for some corporate events a band is still essential, and the right band can certainly “make” the party.  But is a band always the best choice?

Many events lend themselves to more creative acts and entertainment.  In fact, placing unique acts in various parts of a venue can work as more than just entertainment.  In an entryway or near a registration table, an act can create anticipation and excitement for what is to come. Down the hall, another act can generate traffic toward that area.  And the right talent can certainly contribute to a theme.  Additionally, particular entertainment can set a tone, stimulate conversation and inspire learning.

At EPIC Entertainment, we have an extensive and diverse roster of unique entertainment for corporate events.  Here are some worth considering to create unforgettable moments for your guests:

Greeters – you won’t see this at Walmart!  LED Electric Dress Greeters and Characters will light up any party with LED costumes and even “table dresses” that can hold hors d’oeuvres.  Or herald your guests’ arrival with Trumpet Fanfare.  And, although these Living Statues won’t say “hello” to your guests, they will certainly make a memorable first impression.

Artisans – artistry has become a popular exhibit and these unique acts add a new twist to corporate entertainment, as guests tend to love the interaction.  Our Henna Artist shares this ancient art of hand painting with your guests and it is certainly a special “take home.”  Another popular keepsake gift comes from the Signature Hand Engraving Artist, who can skillfully engrave almost anything on almost anything! The talented and professional Graffiti Artist can work on a graffiti mural, incorporating your group’s logo, while your event takes place. At the end you will have a custom “graffiti” piece of art.

Sculpture – this isn’t the formal art exhibit you might be imagining.  These artists use some pretty interesting materials to demonstrate their skill. Shan the Candy Man can sculpt any object his audience can think of and claims no limit to what he can create from a sweet and sticky lump in just five minutes.  Chris Lee practices the 2,000-year-old Chinese art of dough dolls. With his own refined style, he provides great entertainment, appreciation for this dying art, and makes a wonderful long lasting party gift.  And, for once you will actually want dirt on the floor…well, sand.  Archisand are World-Champion sand sculpture artists who can create anything from a sculpture to suit your theme to the client’s logo with intricate detail.

Mentalists – if you need a stage act, but want something really different, consider a mentalist like Brandon Cross, who uses profound mystery, outlandish wit and outrageous audience participation to read minds.  He predicts the future, even bends spoons, and definitely emits a “wow” from audiences.

The Untraditional – we’ve got some great “traditional” acts too…but they aren’t really what you may be remembering.  No magicians simply pulling rabbits out of hats anymore or jugglers tossing just baseballs and bowling pins.  These talents have updated their acts and created exciting and humorous shows that can really excite a crowd.  Chef Anton Expert Pool Shot takes pool ball wizardry to a new level combining mind-boggling pool shots, dazzling sleight of hand, and daring pick pocketing, all set to music and sound effects.

At EPIC Entertainment we carefully screen our roster of unique entertainment for corporate events to ensure these acts are not only fun and fascinating, but are also professional and corporate-friendly. Give us a call and we will help you think “outside the band” to produce a truly fresh and memorable event.


Ray Gosselin is the owner of EPIC ENTERTAINMENT. EPIC has been providing Headline Acts and a broad spectrum of contemporary, unique, and interactive event entertainment for over 18 years to corporate and private buyers. EPIC’s range of services isn’t just limited to booking acts. Our expertise also encompasses comprehensive production services including staging, sound, lighting, back-line equipment, and rear-screen projections for both large concert size facilities, or smaller, more intimate venues locally, nationally, and world-wide.
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