iPod vs DJ: Why a Playlist Cannot Replace a DJ

iPod vs DJ: Why a Playlist Cannot Replace a DJ

One of the most important parts of an event is the music. This may seem like a good place to save money and just use a playlist, but if you’re considering  iPod vs DJ, what is most important to guarantee a great event?

The music sets the tone, provides the energy and can regulate the ups and downs of a party.  Although using an iPod with a good playlist might seem easy enough, it can’t compare with the skills of a dedicated DJ to ensure your corporate event is a success.  At EPIC Entertainment, we’ve seen it all and share these reasons why a professional DJ is the best choice.

Don’t Leave Me This Way – the audiovisual staff at your event site might be willing to set up some speakers, plug in your iPod, hit “play,” and then…leave. Typically, they will not monitor your music other than possibly changing the volume or turning it off if you need to use a mic. That is IF they are even in the area when you need them.

Let’s Get it Started In Here – even though you may think you know your audience well or have a playlist that you love, you never know exactly how your guests will react to the songs.  Some groups enjoy a slow start while others need a big pop hit to get everyone on the dance floor.  Only an experienced DJ can gauge the crowd and see which songs are working, find them immediately, and get the party started.

You Make Me Feel Like Dancing – similarly, parties ebb and flow. Guests get tired and need some slow songs to recuperate, while not wanting to actually go sit down. A professional DJ will read the crowd, notice more people moving on or off the dance floor for different types of music, and tailor the songs accordingly throughout your event.  Additionally, only a DJ can accommodate special requests from the guests and add songs that aren’t even on your iPod playlist.

Something to Talk About – an experienced DJ can also serve as an emcee for your event and interact with your guests when needed.  Whether to introduce speakers, manage Karaoke, or just encourage everyone out onto the dance floor, a professional DJ knows how to engage the crowd and set the tone for your event.

Shine a Light – many DJs can also add and/or manage additional effects and responsibilities for you.  From the obvious consultation regarding the playlist, to lighting, fog effects, video screens, and other exciting effects that can create an ambiance and tone for your event.

Don’t leave the importance of music shuffling on an iPod.  Ensure your event’s success with a professional DJ.  At EPIC Entertainment we have a roster of recommended DJs who know how to engage the crowd, monitor the music, and keep the party going for as long as you’ve booked the room.  So give us a call and you’ll be in love with the DJ, too.



Ray Gosselin is the owner of EPIC ENTERTAINMENT. EPIC has been providing Headline Acts and a broad spectrum of contemporary, unique, and interactive event entertainment for over 18 years to corporate and private buyers. EPIC’s range of services isn’t just limited to booking acts. Our expertise also encompasses comprehensive production services including staging, sound, lighting, back-line equipment, and rear-screen projections for both large concert size facilities, or smaller, more intimate venues locally, nationally, and world-wide.
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