How to Ensure Corporate Friendly Entertainment at Corporate Events

How to Ensure Corporate Friendly Entertainment at Corporate Events

Have you ever been to an event where the entertainment actually made the guests uncomfortable?  Maybe the comedian was too raunchy or the dancers’ costumes were too skimpy…

There may be a case that sometimes those acts can be acceptable for the right audience, but how can you ensure that you have corporate friendly entertainment at corporate events?  At EPIC Entertainment, we have extensive experience booking all kinds of acts for all kinds of events.  We take pride in truly understanding what you want from an act and ensuring that you have at your event what you have in mind.

At EPIC, we always make sure to ask a lot of questions.  Who is the audience?  What is the corporate culture?  How does the planner define “corporate friendly?”  We understand that what is “corporate quality” to one CEO may not be the same for the next CEO. We make no assumptions and are careful to make sure we are clear about what is appropriate for your event.

The most obvious part of “corporate friendly” is appropriate outfits. This pertains not just to revealing costumes, but also to basic etiquette.  What a singer wears to perform at a dance party is certainly different from what they should wear to perform at a black tie dinner.  We make sure the acts we work with know what is appropriate and expected for particular events.

Sometimes the costume is aptly revealing, but how an act behaves in that costume can go over the line. You can imagine the horror stories we’ve heard.  Once such story involved a cirque performance that looked more like a pole dancing act. (Not booked by EPIC, of course, nor was it a cirque act we use.)

And, appropriate behavior applies to more than just during the act. It’s also essential that the talent understand that they are not “invited” to the party.  They have been hired to work the event. They need to maintain professional behavior even off the stage. Entering and exiting the venue, and even if they have an opportunity to mingle with guests, they should never let their guard down.

So how can you ensure corporate friendly?  Always work with a professional booking agency that prescreens its roster of entertainment.  At EPIC we know our acts.  We go so far as to have them sign a “Performer’s Expectation Policy” specifically outlining what is and is not expected of them. We ensure they have appropriate information about the kind of event where they will be performing and what is expected from them.

Give us a call and we will help you determine what is the best act to make sure you have corporate friendly entertainment at your corporate event.  And we’ll make you corporate indispensable.


Ray Gosselin is the owner of EPIC ENTERTAINMENT. EPIC has been providing Headline Acts and a broad spectrum of contemporary, unique, and interactive event entertainment for over 18 years to corporate and private buyers. EPIC’s range of services isn’t just limited to booking acts. Our expertise also encompasses comprehensive production services including staging, sound, lighting, back-line equipment, and rear-screen projections for both large concert size facilities, or smaller, more intimate venues locally, nationally, and world-wide.
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