Can We Talk?

Can We Talk?

Motivation? Celebrity? Adventure? Author? Environment? Business? Government? Inspirational? Marketing? Branding? Sports? …Oh my! Just exactly where do you start when you want to book a Speaker for your upcoming meeting?

The Top 5 Considerations When Booking a Speaker

First things first: understand the value of who you are using to book a speaker. There is a difference between representing agencies (like those “talent agencies” that represent only the best interest of the act) versus Bureaus/Booking Agencies. The latter being there to represent YOU in the selection and vetting process of booking a speaker that is right for your audience. You want someone on your side, service-oriented, to not only ensure that your goals, theme, and budget are understood, but someone who is there to follow through with the execution, as well. And what if something happens? You’ll want to ensure you’re working with someone that has Plan B’s and C’s and D’s, for that matter, in their back pocket. Just like with entertainment, avoiding booking a speaker direct ensures that a “hiccup” doesn’t turn into a “heart attack” on site with no access to a backup plan, if needed.

Like any relationship, trust is a huge factor. Trust your agent. They know which Speakers are homeruns and which Speakers you
should avoid. A good agent will make sure to “hear” what you are trying to accomplish and what you know your audience needs.

So what are the top 5 things to consider when booking a speaker?


So, can we talk? We’d love to connect you to the latest “hot topics” and Speakers on the circuit and explore the possibilities of finding that perfect speaker for your next event We won’t just “talk” we’ll listen!


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