Top 5 Green Room Requests

Top 5 Green Room Requests

Green M&M’s and other Green Room (at least in the Corporate Entertainment World)

Secrets Revealed – Well at least almost.

We always have a good chuckle around here when we hear “outsiders” bring up the subject of “Green Room Requirements.”  You’ve heard the stories.  “So and so” wanted all green M&M’s.  We’ve lost track of how many Celebrity Green Rooms for Name Act Corporate Entertainment events we’ve done, but at last night’s event with Barenaked Ladies, we started wondering what has been the most outrageous Green Room request that we’ve ever received?  (Definitely not from them.  They are exceptionally reasonable.)

When we started going back and revisiting some of the Corporate Entertainment Name Act events we have done, we sort of realized there’s a theme – it’s not really as ridiculous as people would lead you to believe. Sure, we’ve had a couple of outrageous requests in the past 16 years.  Hotel linens replaced with absurdly high, allergen free, thread counts only; a “certain” brand of non-alcoholic wine, and probably one of our favorites: “so and so would like to see a picture of their sleeping room and if it doesn’t solely consist of an “earth tone” décor be prepared to redecorate.”   But all in all, it hasn’t been as ludicrous as you might think.

You can internet search the subject of Green Room requirements and a lot of different sites “say” they know what a celebrity requires, but when you’re working in the world of Corporate Entertainment you learn over the years how to tame what may seem like outlandish requests, and narrow the list down to just the essentials.

In the past year or so here have probably been the most frequently requested Name Act items:

  1. Coconut Water (who knew?)
  2. “Organic Throat Coat”  (now that makes sense)
  3. A Juicer – Maybe it’s that we’re working with younger and younger acts, but “a Juicer” is frequently requested as are Vegetarian Meals (again maybe a sign of the times)
  4. Cliff Bars / Power Bars / Energy Bars / Protein Drinks
  5. Powerade / Gatorade

Now the band member’s riders, on the other hand, are usually pretty predictable with items such as alcohol, tortilla and salsa, candy bars, water, and one of our favorites, “Emergen – C’s.”  We appreciate acts that even ask for local brewers or local vendors for area-grown food.  Maybe they look forward to experiencing a little taste of local life.

See all in all, so far, no “Green M&M’s” have been requested.


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