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Booking Entertainment

Timeline for Booking Entertainment for Corporate Events

In a perfect world, we would have time to leisurely take care of all the items on our “To Do” list.  But in reality, time flies when you’re planning an event.  What’s the timeline to be sure to have the entertainment you want?

In that same perfect world, it would be great to book your entertainment for corporate events months in advance.  The earlier you consider your entertainment, the more choices you will have.  Depending on the season and location, there may be a lot of competition for top acts.  Keep in mind that the Desert is busiest October and November, as well as January to mid May.  The Coast sees its busiest time from April to July.  If your event falls into those timeframes, it’s best to book early.

However, at EPIC Entertainment, we know that on the list of tasks for planning your event, entertainment can often get pushed toward the bottom.  That’s one great reason to work with a professional booking agency.  Our roster provides a vast catalog of acts. If your first choice in unavailable, we have many, many more to recommend.

Also, make sure that once you have picked your talent, don’t ignore the contract.  Sometimes it feels that with the contract in hand, you can put the item on the backburner for a bit, but that’s not the case.  Your chosen entertainment could get another offer in the meantime.  At EPIC, we have great relationships with our acts, and always expect that they will let us know if another offer does come up, so we can be sure to finalize your contract quickly (but it’s best to just finalize it quickly from the start).

Another advantage of working with EPIC is our ability to quickly find another act in the unlikely case of someone being sick or otherwise unable to perform.  If you book directly with an act, it’s not their priority to find you someone else.  Our extensive roster offers plenty of professional choices, should we need to make a change at some point.

As you can gather, EPIC can help you book quality entertainment for corporate events at any point in your planning process.  Months ahead is great, but we’ve booked shows with one day’s notice.  We provide a big advantage to get the entertainment or similar kind of entertainment you want.  So regardless of your timeline, make sure the call to EPIC Entertainment is somewhere on your list.