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DJ Peter Pop

On 03, Dec 2014 | In | By Epic Entertainment

DJ Peter Pop


DJ Peter Papadopoulos Years of Experience: 16

Number of events: Over 1600 Master of Ceremonies:

Experienced in Special Event Hosting.

Multi-lingual: Fluency in 3 languages (English, Greek & Spanish).
MC’ing a wide variety multi-cultural weddings & special events (Arabic, Argentine, Armenian, Chinese, Greek, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mexican, Persian, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Sri Lankan, Turkish)

Disc Jockey:  Perfect “beat mixing” (music is mixed “on-the-fly” club-style without gaps for non-stop dancing).

Specializing in creating custom playlists in popular & eclectic musical genres including international music. Music Collection:

●  80,000! Songs on hand at each event
●  Live access to MILLIONS of songs.

In 2016, Peter was happy to be of service to over 80 wedding clients & 70 Corporate clients. These clients were referred by other very satisfied clients.



On 30, Nov 2014 | In | By Epic Entertainment


Jason Gates (dj, drums, guitar) – Jason hails from Eagle, Idaho. A professional drummer, Gates has played in multiple bands. Jason shot two seasons as a series regular investigator on Haunted Collector, one of Syfy’s top rated shows. He has appeared in various films & commercials in Los Angeles as an actor. Jason is an Eagle Scout and an avid outdoorsman. Read more…

On 27, Oct 2014 | In | By Epic Entertainment

DJ Zephyr

DJ Zephyr has been perfecting his craft since 1997 starting first with a well known mobile Disc Jockey company in San Diego primarily as a wedding and corporate DJ. Over 15+ years he has performed at more than 500 weddings, incentive events, and a myriad other parties which continue to test his music knowledge and emcee skills.

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On 24, Oct 2014 | In | By Epic Entertainment


C3ASARE (pronounced Chez-uh-ray)is a Multi Instrumentalist, DJ, Producer, Singer, Song Writer, Actor, Dancer and Choreographer. He has been in many different live bands covering a few different genres from Jazz to Classic Rock to Alternative and Pop. Read more…

Allen Walker

On 05, Oct 2014 | In | By Epic Entertainment

Allen Walker

DJ Allen Walker has been at the nexus of music, lighting, and audio visual services for over 25 years.

He is the go-to DJ and M/C in San Diego and brings creative energy to every event. Read more…

On 26, Sep 2014 | In | By Epic Entertainment

The Touchscreen DJ

The “Touchscreen DJ” is the West Coast’s largest DJ performance touch screen bringing music to life. The 55″ transparent Touchscreen DJ system creates a dynamic stage presence and allows the audience to see every mix by the DJ from either side as the party plays on!

Take your event to the next level with the Touchscreen DJ.

Video shows the Touchscreen Console in action (due to You Tube restrictions this video has no audio)and is for demonstration purposes only.

On 21, Sep 2014 | In | By Epic Entertainment

SC – The Interactive DJ’s

Get ready for an interactive DJ Band experience that blends live drums, guitar, sax & visuals into DJ sets. For world-class events. Tim Lacatena, Jason Gates and Dustin Schuetter.

DJ James Gonzalez

On 30, Aug 2014 | In | By Epic Entertainment

DJ James Gonzalez

James Gonzalez has been a professional DJ based in Palm Desert since 1992 and covers the Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas and Bay area. Although Weddings and Corporate events are the majority of his business, he has a heavy background in the Night Club Industry which accounts for his mixing skills.

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DJ Bob Scatch

On 28, Aug 2014 | In | By Epic Entertainment

DJ Bob Scatch

Whether it’s a small intimate party, a large HBO event, or a crowd of 500 on a Saturday night in Palm Springs, DJ Bob Scatch has never compromised his belief that people come to an event to lose themselves in the music.

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On 25, Aug 2014 | In | By Epic Entertainment

DJ Baz

DJ Baz has been music-obsessed since the age of 12. As he tells it: From an imaginary radio station in a corner of my bedroom I would “announce” the time and temperature before introducing the next song on my record player. Years later I hosted a nightly radio program on WYSO at Antioch university in Ohio.

Today I’m a “conceptual” DJ with many years of live show production experience, curating unique playlists for all types of events. Beyond the music, I offer a variety of custom DJ booths to match the style of your scene from sleek to vintage… Read more…