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On 17, Sep 2014 | In | By Epic Entertainment



Sariri is a word from the Aymara culture, inhabiting Bolivia and Peru. The Sariri is a ceremonial musician, keeper of traditional music, that travels from place to place, his arrival signifies the beginning of the Fiesta.

Sariri_sideThe band’s name serves to represent that objective of bringing the beautiful traditional music of South America, especially that of the native people of the Andes region.

Sariri is Francisco Duchicela (winds, percussion, vocals), Founder and Director; Jorge Quiros (winds, strings, vocals), Musical Director and Lead Instructor; Francisco Villalobos(strings, vocals), and Eduardo Cerecer (strings, vocals). Guest musicians are occasionally included in our venues to provide opportunity for local talent and other traveling Andes musicians.

Sariri is based out of San Diego, California.