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On 09, Sep 2014 | In | By Epic Entertainment

The Procrastinators


These outrageous drummers turn five-gallon water bottles, barstools and pots & pans into legitimate musical instruments while jumping, sliding, twisting and stomping their way through seven minutes of fast and furious rhythmic fun!

The Procrastinators

2wice the excitement, 2wice the energy and 2wice the SHOW!

Mix the sounds of Africa, Brazil, Japan and Latin America with Hip-Hop and Drum line beats and you get a jaw dropping, all-drumming interactive stage show extravaganza.

If you ‘feel the need, the need for speed,’ then you’re ready for a exciting, interactive stage show! Watch as “Iceman” and “Maverick” from Top Gun go head-to-head in a drum duel or play along with your costumed CEO using your very own custom drumsticks labeled with you group’s logo!