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On 18, Sep 2014 | In | By Epic Entertainment



There’s something exciting happening in Santa Fe – hot Spanish guitar, sizzling Latin percussion, and soulful vocals which combine to create a high-energy, and fiery approach to rumba Flamenca!

This blending of old traditions and new inspirations create a fresh, hot, new sound that is uniquely Manzanares!

The electricity and raw energy of their performances have pushed this sexy act into the forefront of the world recognized “Santa Fe Sound”.

They continue to give their audiences ( from all over the world!) a slice of their culture and heritage every time they perform.

Latin Style Magazine ( Los Angeles) named them the hottest act in New Mexico!

From Santa Fe to Los Angeles to Paris to London! People are taking notice of Manzanares!

Several quotes from the media:

“…Sizzling flamenco-style rumba & Santana-esque grooves…” ARTsmart

“…Flamenco-style guitar and soulful vocals…” The New Mexican

“…New Mexico’s Hottest Act!” Latin Style Magazine


Listen to Manzanares here: