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Lightnin’ Willie and the Poorboys

On 15, Sep 2014 | In | By Epic Entertainment

Lightnin’ Willie and the Poorboys


Emerging from the clubs and bars of the U.S. Blues scene, Lightnin’ Willie is an accomplished and hard-working guitarist, vocalist and songwriter. Now based in Los Angeles, Willie is a seasoned musician and talented songwriter who has paid his dues.

With four albums under his belt, this eloquent storyteller has his own story of time on the road, personal loss, fresh beginnings and an over-riding of love of playing the “Devil’s Music.”

Originally from Texas, this bluesman’s years of steady gigging have given him as much polish as his performance. He is tall, with an expressive face, piercing eyes, and the kind of confident all-American swagger that allows you to walk up to total strangers on the street and introduce yourself.

Lightnin’ Willie and the Poorboys are by no means destitute. IN fact the musical vein the mine is rich indeed. They steer away from dry academia and combine a seductive exchange of swinging Blues and R & B with a hint of Rockabilly. A lively, interactive, face-to-face approach to their music has had audiences waiving their banner throughout the United States and Europe for over ten years.

Willie is a brilliant musician who engineers an unforgettable journey. He orchestrates a delicately balanced show, opening with powerful blues, rich vocals, and slide guitar. The band offers an incredible serving of great musicianship featuring the superb rhythm and background vocals of D.C. Olsen (Bass), Tommy Gunn (drums), Billy Burke (guitar) and searing harmonica of Giles King. Lightnin’ Willie and the Poorboys deliver a tight, high-energy performance packed with style, wit, and an unabashed sensitivity to a medium that will leave you feelin’ anything but the blues.


Listen to Lightnin’ Willie and the Poorboys here: