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Greg Wilson – Secrets of Influence

On 22, Sep 2014 | In | By Epic Entertainment

Greg Wilson – Secrets of Influence


Greg Wilson teaches numerous psychological secrets of influence to corporate executives, managers, salespeople, lawyers, teachers, parents — anyone, frankly, who wants to direct human behavior both professionally or personally.

There’s no such thing as 100% sure-fire persuasion. But, with the right techniques (based on natural human tendencies) the results can be remarkably consistent and effective.

These are insider secrets, by the way, that Greg has acquired and innovated from experience on stage and from the halls of research science academia. And best of all, this can all be taught in a step-by-step method for busy people who want fast results. Your attendees will learn:

The Golden Rule of Influence . . . The one thing you must know before the persuasion process begins.
The Crowbar . . . How to pry open even the most closed minds.
Reach and Withdraw . . . How backing off gets them to draw near.
The Law of Candor . . . How honesty can be your greatest asset.
Either/Or . . . The fewer the options, the faster the decisions.
Illusion of Control . . . Get them to think it was their idea.