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On 19, Sep 2014 | In | By Epic Entertainment

The Blue Sage


For Utah entertainment consideration: The music of Blue Sage revolves around the repertoire of folk singer Mike Iverson.

The Blue Sage
Widely regarded as one of the finest clawhammer style banjo players, Mike also plays guitar and mandolin with the band.

Playing bass fiddle with the band is Shauna Iverson whose driving technique powers the Blue Sage sound. Shauna’s personality shines through on stage and audiences find her as much fun to watch as to listen to!

Blue Sage features the “twin fiddles” of Rob Ricks and Heather Blaisdail. Rob is an incredibly gifted bluegrass fiddler while Heather draws from the Celtic and American fiddle tradition; the mix of the two styles is pure magic on stage. It’s our “twin fiddles” that allow us to occasionally include traditional Barnyard dancing as part of the Blue Sage experience or a well-known Cowboy poet.