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On 17, Sep 2014 | In | By Epic Entertainment

Anthony Arizaga


Born in Los Angeles in 1959, Anthony Arizaga began playing guitar at age 11. He studied at California Institute of The Arts, and privately with world-renowned recording artist Pepe Romero of “Los Romeros- The Royal Family of The Guitar.”

Anthony Arizaga’s mastery of flamenco demonstrates his deep love and respect for art form that dates back several centuries in Spanish history. Arizaga has achieved the resonant and lyrical touch that coaxes from his handmade custom Spanish guitar an authentic and breathtaking sound. Dazzling execution of challenging finger work graces every song in this repertoire, bringing alive the dancing rhythms of flamenco. Arizaga goes beyond more technical excellence. Through every brilliant musical showstopper breathes the ineffable angst of the Spanish soul.

Flamenco artist, Anthony Arizaga, carries the listener through time and space, gracing the stage with ancient music of Spain much to the delight of his audiences.

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