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Top 5 Performers on a Catwalk

It’s almost the end of Fashion Week in the desert.  This is the seventh year of the show and and it’s been gaining momentum and credibility each and every year.  We’re lucky to have Michael Costello, from Project Runway, as a desert resident, so inevitably he brings his new couture and other Project Runway alums to participate.

Showcasing one’s fashion on a catwalk made us think, “Who/what entertainment would we put on a Catwalk?”

Of course Judi jumped right to “any comedian.”  Aside from imagining the comedic-spin one would put on their actual walk down the runway and what their showcasing would conjure up,  a comedian always seems to be her first “go to” for performers.

Ray went immediately to a name act, but then narrowing down which ones became a bit of a task.  Katy Perry did such an amazing job for us earlier this year.  He’s still riding on that high, so only given one performer to send down the runway he offered up Katy Perry.  Of course, Judi piped in a shirtless Bon Jovi would probably “rock it.”

Sherri’s was a quick response as well: La Divina on the catwalk.  Those beautiful women would definitely light up any runway!

Jason’s pick, probably with the most flare and drama, would be  Crew.  They would definitely liven up a runway! Probably get the whole entire audience in on it, as well.  To say their act is “energetic” is an understatement.  They would be cool performers on a catwalk.

It became a lively debate as to who the 5th performer would be.  That’s just the problem.  It’s so hard to narrow down entertainment when there is so much to choose from.  Not only that, just like fashion, different types of entertainment can come in and out of style.  At least in the entertainment world, there is always an extensive pool of ideas.  The key is to stay on top of what entertainment is “in style.”  Now that was something all four of us agreed on: that’s probably the most fun part of our jobs!

Tell us on our Facebook page which performers/entertainers you’d like to see on a catwalk!