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Got the Name Act, But Did you Get the Best Deal?

Did you know that booking headline level acts directly could possibly cost you thousands of dollars more than using an experienced booking agent?

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How to Choose the Right Entertainment for Your Event

So many options, so little time… When choosing the right entertainment for your event it’s important to keep in mind that in addition to venue and decor, this will set the tone for the evening. Entertainment comes in many forms, from setting the mood at the entrance with “paparazzi” or ushers, to walking tables and graffiti mural artists.

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Why Use a Booking Company at Your Next Event?

Booking talent for an event seems like an easy thing to do. Just find some talent, book them for the date and have a wonderful night, right? Well, not quite.

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What’s Trending in Corporate Entertainment?

Let’s face it, event attendees are getting younger and younger. Themed 80’s parties are now the 50’s parties of the past decades.

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Top 5 Green Room Requests

Green M&M’s and other Green Room (at least in the Corporate Entertainment World)

Secrets Revealed – Well at least almost.

We always have a good chuckle around here when we hear “outsiders” bring up the subject of “Green Room Requirements.”  You’ve heard the stories.  “So and so” wanted all green M&M’s.  We’ve lost track of how many Celebrity Green Rooms for Name Act Corporate Entertainment events we’ve done, but at last night’s event with Barenaked Ladies, we started wondering what has been the most outrageous Green Room request that we’ve ever received?  (Definitely not from them.  They are exceptionally reasonable.)

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Flexibility with Unforseen Conditions of Event Planning

Create it and they will come!

And stay no matter what!

Talk around the water-cooler all last week was none other than Coachella, which at this stage is one down and one to go.  None of us could recall, at least in our recent memory, witnessing the transformation of what used to be a “regional” concert into a behemoth mega-concert like Coachella Fest, right before our eyes.  In the 1990’s did we see this coming?   If only…

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Where There’s Fire There’s a Wedding? What’s New in Wedding Entertainment

We’re getting ready to help a client with her entertainment tomorrow, as we kick-off our “Wedding Season” here in the desert.  Her wedding vision included a “Big Band” feel with other special elements that we are excited to be a part of.   It’s hard not to envision Adam Sandler in The Wedding Singer, whenever the subject of “Wedding Entertainment” comes up.  That movie did a pretty good job of stereotyping the typical “wedding band” of the 1980’s.

But it’s not the 1980’s anymore!

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Top 5 Performers on a Catwalk

It’s almost the end of Fashion Week in the desert.  This is the seventh year of the show and and it’s been gaining momentum and credibility each and every year.  We’re lucky to have Michael Costello, from Project Runway, as a desert resident, so inevitably he brings his new couture and other Project Runway alums to participate.

Showcasing one’s fashion on a catwalk made us think, “Who/what entertainment would we put on a Catwalk?”

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