3 Reasons to Avoid Booking Entertainment Online

3 Reasons to Avoid Booking Entertainment Online

The internet is part of our daily lives and we use it to find solutions for anything from recipes to entertainment. However, booking a band for your important event this way is pretty risky.

At EPIC Entertainment, we have years of experience working with event planners and know all the horror stories of what can go wrong with the entertainment. Here are 3 reasons why you should avoid booking entertainment online:

  1. 1)  You don’t really know what you’re getting- websites can be flashy and impressive, pictures can be photoshopped, reviews can be made up. Unless you have a personal referral, you really don’t know what the act will be like at your event. Will they dress appropriately, play the set you agree to, will they show up on time? Will they actually sound like they did online? A professional booking agent will have experienced them live and have agreements in place to cover all the details.
  2. 2)  It can cost you more – it might seem like a real money-saver to book directly, but in reality it can often end up costing you much more. Professional booking agents know the standard rates for different kinds of acts and have the experience to negotiate when appropriate. We also know how to manage and negotiate “green room” requests from what snacks they want to whether you should be paying for their hotel accommodations. With an unknown band, you may be surprised by what they are expecting that may not have been addressed in your online connection.
  3. 3)  Will they have what they need? – Without a professional booking agent, there may be confusion about who is to provide the details. Who is providing staging, lighting, do they need extra extension cords, do they require special set up? There are a plethora of details that need to be addressed that might fall through the cracks without a professional managing the process.

The bottom line is that you want to book a band with someone who knows the act directly, has seen them perform and has worked with them before. Our goal at EPIC Entertainment is to ensure that you have the best entertainment for your corporate event and that the experience is easy for you throughout the process. We can help you choose the right act from our roster of literally hundreds of entertainers who we know personally, and then we take it from there, negotiating and handling the details for you. Don’t risk your corporate event with an Internet booking. Give us a call and we’ll make sure your entertainment is unforgettable for all the right reasons.


Ray Gosselin is the owner of EPIC ENTERTAINMENT. EPIC has been providing Headline Acts and a broad spectrum of contemporary, unique, and interactive event entertainment for over 18 years to corporate and private buyers. EPIC’s range of services isn’t just limited to booking acts. Our expertise also encompasses comprehensive production services including staging, sound, lighting, back-line equipment, and rear-screen projections for both large concert size facilities, or smaller, more intimate venues locally, nationally, and world-wide.
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