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3 Useful Tips When Booking a Comedian for Corporate Events

On 22, Apr 2015 | In Booking Entertainment, Corporate Event Management, Event Management, Latest News | By Epic Entertainment

Everyone enjoys a good laugh. Right? But what’s funny to you may not be as funny to your guests. And what’s funny to a comedian may not be appropriate for your audience.

A lot of meeting planners shy away from booking comedians because of these exact fears. But, in fact, there are a lot of great comedic performers out there who understand and work successfully in the corporate market.

Booking a comedian for a corporate event can be rather tricky, which is why we at EPIC Entertainment go to great lengths to ensure your comedian options will be a good fit for you and your audience.

Here are 3 tips to think about when booking a comedian:


  1. Budget – The first major consideration when booking a comedian for your private event is obviously your budget. Be realistic. There is a reason why comedians are not “cheap.” Or, we should we say “good” comedians are not cheap. Seasoned professionals know the difference between the expectations of a corporate buyer versus what they can get away with in a “club” setting. A trustworthy comedian comes at a price, whether they have name recognition or not. At EPIC Entertainment we have worked with a range of comedians. From household names to names not as familiar. One such comedian is Marianne Sierk. Although not a household name (yet) Sierk is a great comedian who “gets” the corporate market. Marianne fine-tunes her “set” specifically for corporate audiences, making sure to touch on relevant and relatable topics without any “over the top zingers.”


  1. Audience – Speaking of audience: It’s very important to consider the make-up of your intended audience. Are you looking for someone everyone can relate to? Is your audience a specific gender? Is your group international? At EPIC Entertainment we make sure to ask these important questions. And, when it comes time to make an offer to a comedian, on your behalf, we make sure to specify the audience make-up. We also include information regarding the dynamic of your group including age ranges, gender distribution, and ethnic diversity (if applicable). A great corporate comedian who is always accommodating to our corporate group audiences is Henry Cho.


  1. Consider Other Options -. If your budget is too restrictive or if it’s difficult to convince your buyer that a comedian would be perfect for your event, consider a magician or juggler. Usually at a more friendly “price point” these performers expertly weave comedy into their acts.   At EPIC Entertainment we have a roster filled with these options. Greg Bennick is a talented and entertaining juggler. Kevin Viner is a talented magician whose client list reads like a who’s who of Fortune 500 companies and is always in demand for corporate events.


On the other end of the spectrum, if you do find yourself with an accommodating budget for a “Headline Act” definitely consider a comedian! There are a lot of options and with minimal travel and technical rider needs your budget can go a lot further! Great headline comedians include Jay Leno, Bill Engvall, Tim Allen, Jim Gaffigan, Sinbad, and the wildly popular Brian Regan just to name a few!


As Charlie Chaplin once said, “A day with out laughter is a day wasted.”   At EPIC Entertainment we are here to help you navigate the comedy waters and to make sure that booking a comedian doesn’t leave the last laugh on you!